July 2019

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A note from Andrew...

Well it’s officially summer but it feels like it’s been hotter than ever for a while now. If you have friends that like to walk the beach, or if that’s something you like to do it’s awfully hot out right now and we’ve got a nice AC system at the gym to keep you or your friends out of the heat and nice and cool. We offer short term memberships for as little as a week up to 3 months depending on how long people are visiting for, or would like to stay out of the heat for.

NSAC also partners with all the insurance plans that offer the gym benefit, so it’s worth checking to see if your insurance plan offers a membership at the club.

Have a great summer and see you at the gym!

- Andrew Pritchard, NSAC owner


Fitness Insights

Workout Mistakes to Avoid After a Fourth of July Weekend Binge

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching. With all the parties and barbecues coming up, it’s bound to be hard to avoid giving in to tasty temptations.

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Food for Thought

Vitamins from Food – Not Supplements – Linked with Longer Life

There’s some good and bad news about vitamins and minerals...

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Healthy Recipe

Beer-Glazed Chicken with Grilled Vegetables

Need a new chicken dinner idea? Try this grilled chicken and vegetable dish from chef Rick Bayless.

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